Pissed off

I’m sommer net pissed off today; pissed off because my son lost his place in the dormitory because there must be a certain number of [pissed_offquotas of black students. So where is my son supposed to stay next year? Why are the requisites for black students lower than for white students. Why did the university made an effort to provide 3 campuses, to make sure that every group can have access to tertiary education.

Really! Its becoming ridiculous!

UPDATE:  OK, its a few days later and I’m less emotional but still pissed off!  And don’t for a moment think that your colleagues, who work with you for a long time; who know your heart and commitment to this country has sympathy with you for one freaking second.  They don’t; they are on the receiving end of racism!  Yes, we were once on the receiving end, but for how long will this carry on?  Another 100 years?  This makes me then just more and more convinced how bad the regime was – they should’ve thought about this consequence of their selfish apartheid!

Anyway, maybe this is a blessing in disguise.  Maybe we should see it rather in that way.  Is it not that all works out well in the end (Rom 8:29)?


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