Zuma’s intelligence thrown to the dogs?

Dear Moloto Mothapo

You article in the Sowetan of 10 January 2013 has reference.


Sowetan 10/01/2013

You make very valid comments about the debate around unity, Ubuntu and the like, in your article.  Indeed, these are issues we need to talk about;  there is not much Ubuntu left in South Africa at present.  But unfortunately again, your message is, to put it figuratively, “lost in translation”.  Your message is lost in the “packaging”; in the way it was presented.  Instead of putting much more effort in the “packaging” of a message, you, and it is now already an established trend from the ANC, blame the hearers of a message for not hearing correctly.   The problem is not with us, with the “hearing system that is wired with hostility“, with the decoding but with the way it is presented.  As an umfundise, I want to make sure my listeners hear what I am about to say.  If they don’t hear, I cannot blame them and call them all kinds of adjectives.  I simply need to ensure that the “packaging” of my message, is in such a way that they will indeed hear what I wanted to say.

The President’s packaging of his message, to say the least, is ridiculous.  He could’ve said a lot about Ubuntu, cultural values and unity, but to equate that with dogs, straightening of hair, hair extensions and the like being a white culture says more about his inner attitude toward whiteness and subsequently unity, than about Ubuntu.

Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai

Oh, and by the way, to quote a BBC article for saying “black is no longer beautiful“, is equally silly.  What do they

know?  Remember, they are colonials.  Black is beautiful, brown too, even yellow.  Frankly, it doesn’t matter what colour you are, but WHO you are!


Koketso Modiba



Asin Thottumkal

Asin Thottumkal

Zhang Ziyi'

Zhang Ziyi’


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