ANC, Leierskap en Rekonsiliasie

I am not a member but agree to the policies and principles of the ANC as envisaged by Madiba.

I’m passionate about our new democracy, South Africa, our success in the global arena – one can say I’m a passionate patriot and nationalist (not the old NP type!!!)

I’m passionate about reconciliation, freedom and living in a free and just society for ALL South Africans and to this I’ve preached and worked since even before 2 Feb 1990.

I’m also a WHITE AFRIKANER (boer?, but not AWB type!) and struggle to see how the struggle song “Kill a boer” promote unity and reconciliation amongst us all! To the contrary!

And please, not all WHITE AFRIKANERS are what you saw and heard on TV from Ventersdorp. They are actually a small minority who never could gain momentum as an organization, or a seat in any parliament. The media portray the news events as if all Afrikaners hold their sentiments, declaring that “their telephone wrung non-stop since the murder of ET”.

I despise Die Stem and the old Flag as it is symbols that are part of an era which I do not want to remember; an era where I was brainwashed to support a system I do not believe in.

I’m extremely worried and sad about the current hate and disunity amongst races and the murdering of people whom you disagree with.  Is that the kind of values we hold deer?

I’m disappointed that our President, who I thought could bring a welcome change since Thabo Mbeki, did not stand strong enough as the top leader in this country, and come out against the “chaotic-powers” that are busy ruining our beautiful country and rich diverse people. I also feel he can be much stronger against the ANCYL as the leader of the senior arm of the organisation to rather work towards unity and reconciliation.

Mr Malema’s reaction in public the past few days does not portray a good image of the stature of the ANC and its previous leaders. I can’t imagine in my wildest dreams that Madiba, or Oliver Tambo, or any other great leader from the ANC, would ever say and do what Mr Malema did and say the past few weeks.

I urge the ANC to please be the ruling party! in leadership, also in working towards unity and reconciliation. Al whites are not always the enemy!


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